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PUBG Mobile: How To Break a Bridge Camp? Best Tricks

PUBG Mobile: How To Break a Bridge Camp?

The most effective ways to break a bridge camp. Do try these and share your experience.

Bridge camping has turned out to be a highly advantageous strategy to PUBG Mobile players, due to its simplicity in execution and the prospect of a high kill rate. As it is in all cases, any such strategy will have many more takers as time passes. A great tactic for squads and duos, and not so much for solo players, what makes a highly effective bridge camp is to make the enemies completely oblivious to an upcoming assault. Naturally, breaking such a camp will require some strategy and skill. Also, if the blue zone is closing and the players are on the wrong end of the bridge, then there arrives an urgency in breaking the camp. Nevertheless, bridge camping adds a unique thrill to the game, with many engagements. Here is a complete PUBG guide on how to break a bridge camp?

  • Tip 1: Use the team snipers to scope out possible bridge camps
Players would’ve noticed that there are few good vantage points around the bridge that let players to scope out any bridge camps from a distance. This tip is simply a must-follow for every player approaching a bridge. A great sniper offensive before spraying or rushing would offer players enough support to effectively break a camp. Even if the snipers choose not to attack as a strategic decision, they can still determine the enemy positions.

  • Tip 2: Use natural covers for survival, such as damaged buses and bridge pillars
Any player who has been across or even seen the bridge would know that there are always damaged cars on the pathway. These can be and must be used for cover, no matter how clear the road ahead looks. Also, the bridge itself has many pillars that allow players to hide behind. There must be some care taken though, so as not to fall into the river below. Rest assured that these are the same places that the opposing teams would be using to set up their bridge camps.

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